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Technical surveillance counter measures

Technical surveillance counter measuresElectronic surveillance, also known as eavesdropping and bugging is a very real threat in the modern commercial environment. Modern eavesdropping devices can be very sophisticated and employ numerous different methods to avoid detection. To counter that threat we give you access to leading technical surveillance counter measures.

Our specialists will conduct a vulnerability assessment, detailing areas of your business open to attack. Based on our findings, a physical and technical examination of your business can then be performed to identify any “bugs” (electronic eavesdropping devices) or “taps” (devices that connected to communications equipment) by experts in this field, using the very latest computer based equipment, able to detect the latest generation of 'smart' transmitters.

We will prepare a detailed report and make recommendations for the prevention of loss of information, covering aspects such as the security of the building, the control of internal information, information technology and telecommunications.

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